MCEC focuses on relaunching business; hires director for the role

The MCEC team

Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre (MCEC) is turning its focus to the future to ensure the business is set up for ongoing success post-Covid-19.

This includes exploring new business models, products and revenue streams across local, national and international markets.

MCEC is preparing to restart its business events

To lead these efforts, MCEC’s chief executive Peter King has appointed Helen Fairclough to the role of director of business relaunch in the interim.

Formerly acting chief operations officer, and prior to that director of people, culture and improvement at MCEC, Fairclough has been with the organisation for close to six years and is a board member of the Victorian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

“Like many in the event sector, we have found ourselves in the position of not being able to perform our core business at this time, and the immediate loss of revenue has proved challenging,” King said.

He added that Fairclough has been given “the licence to be unrestrained in what we explore as a business”.

“This is an exciting time to navigate through the change ahead. Even when MCEC is able to reopen its doors, we must accept that the world has and will continue to change. For this reason, MCEC must change too,” said Fairclough.

While the Business Relaunch is in early stages of exploration, in the coming months MCEC will be inviting customers and partners across the industry to collaborate.

“We hope to have many updates to share with you about new projects and initiatives over the coming months,” Fairclough said.

MCEC is a major contributor to Victoria’s economy, with more than A$1 billion (US$664.4 million) in economic impact last year alone.

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