ICC Sydney readies for hybrid event future

Hybrid Event Solutions

International Convention Centre Sydney (ICC Sydney) has created a new hybrid on-site and virtual event solution that will allow clients to host more than 300 people at the venue in accordance with strict social distancing measures, while enabling live streaming to an unlimited number of remote attendees.

Following the outbreak of Covid-19, ICC Sydney’s successful virtual events service has seen the venue host multiple world-class events. These included the Meetings and Events Australia 2019 National Awards, Stand Tall 2020 – Australia’s largest youth event which was streamed to more than 40,000 students, and a raft of community and government events.

ICC Sydney has applied technology into its new hybrid spaces

ICC Sydney will make the new Hybrid Event Solutions an ongoing suite of products available to clients, reflecting the seamless merging of technology with live experiences needed for the current and post-pandemic era.

To deliver the dual model, ICC Sydney has applied cutting edge technology into its new hybrid spaces, including projection screens, entertainment lighting and PA systems. This set up will allow both attendees in the rooms and guests located remotely to have the same high-quality event experience.

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