IAPCO and AIPC establish strategic partnership

The best way to grow as an industry is to learn from each other

The International Association of Convention Centres (AIPC), and the International Association of Professional Congress Organizers (IAPCO), have signed a Memorandum of Understanding that will focus on research, visibility, and education.

When it comes to research, IAPCO and AIPC will conduct a joint yearly research activity, the results of which are of benefit to the members of both organisations. The first activity will be on the different aspects of hybrid events and the results will be shared with the IAPCO and AIPC members by the time IBTM World takes place.

The best way to grow as an industry is to learn from each other

As for visibility and education, IAPCO and AIPC will create different forums, allowing the exchange of knowledge on specific topics of interest to the member associations. Both organisations will also leverage existing communication channels to facilitate that exchange.

Ori Lahav, President of IAPCO said: “Having clear understanding and an appreciation of stakeholders’ objectives will remain of utmost importance as IAPCO members continue to drive economic recovery of cities and knowledge-exchange between communities.

“The strategic collaboration with AIPC will further enhance the value of services PCOs and Convention Centres deliver to their clients. Research will provide the needs assessment; education will provide us with the tools and visibility across our networks and our own communities will strengthen relationships and drive results. We are thrilled to establish such a valuable partnership with AIPC.”

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