Singapore eases Covid-19 measures; green lights more VTLs

Curbs in Singapore will be eased from November 11

As the weekly Covid-19 infection growth rate has been below one for the past five days, Singapore authorities have eased a number of measures.

Zone sizes for business events have now been increased. For all event categories where zoning is implemented, they now can have up to 100 attendees in each zone, with at least two-metre safe distancing between zones, while keeping within overall attendance numbers.

Various curbs in Singapore (pictured) will be eased from November 11

Previously, unmasking was allowed for speakers – as long as the speaker kept a safe distance of at least three metres from the audience. With the adjustments, up to 10 people can now be unmasked and engaged in public speaking at any time, as long as the unmasked speakers maintain a two-metre distance from the audience.

Authorities are also exploring further easing of safe mangement measures which are able to enforce both Vaccination-Differentiated Safe Management Measures (VDS) and pre-activity antigen rapid test (ART).

Under this regime, all participants will need to be fully vaccinated and will be required to produce a valid negative ART result on-site prior to the activity. VDS+ART will be piloted at selected business events, as well as selected mass sporting events.

Meanwhile, live performances will now have at least two-metre separation between performers and the audience.

Static performers may be in groups of two, with no need to maintain safe distance. However, groups of performers should have one-metre safe distancing from one another.

Live music and entertainment, however, is still not allowed.

In addition, more Vaccinated Travel Lanes (VTL) with Finland and Sweden, will be launched starting from November 29. A joint VTL with Malaysia for travel between Changi Airport and Kuala Lumpur International Airport will also commence on the same day.

Applications for short-term visitors and long-term pass holders will be open from November 22.

Singapore and Malaysia are also in discussions to launch a similar scheme for travel across land links.

The authorities are also expanding the types of tests recognised as a valid pre-departure test for all travellers arriving in, or transiting through, Singapore from Category II or III countries and regions, including travellers arriving via VTLs.

From 23.59 on November 11, a negative, professionally administered antigen rapid test (ART) result taken within two days prior to departure will be accepted as a valid pre-departure test.

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