In-person engagements with clients crucial for business recovery: Marriott

A screenshot from The 5Gs of Human Connection campaign page

A new Asia Pacific survey by Marriott International revealed that over 81% of respondents believe that in-person engagements with clients are vital for business recovery.

The findings also revealed that 53% of respondents felt face-to-face activities were important to motivating and establishing bonding among teams and building company culture.

A screenshot from The 5Gs of Human Connection campaign page

Next, over 60% of the respondents elaborated that restrictions on social gatherings and uncertainties regarding international travel remain a concern; while a further 40% also stated that providing unique meeting activities and experiences pose a challenge when faced with these restrictions.

Launched earlier this year, the survey reached more than 300 business travellers and business events professionals.

In response to this, Marriott International has launched The 5Gs of Human Connection, a campaign that aims to remind people of the warmth of human connection and encourage people to meet face-to-face again.

The 5Gs – representing Gather, Global, Gratitude, Giving and Gourmet – are moments when people connect with each other in meaningful and memorable ways. Each pillar is designed to meet the evolving requirements of professionals and support meeting planners in crafting a memorable experience for their attendees.

The hospitality brand is also offering enticing rewards through its The Time Is Now – Where Can We Take You? group offer. The rewards can be redeemed when booking an eligible face-to-face meeting or event at participating hotels and resorts.

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