MCEC expands online reach with Tiktok and Pinterest

A screenshot from MCEC's Tiktok page

Melbourne Convention Exhibition Centre (MCEC) has launched two new social media accounts, TikTok and Pinterest.

TikTok will provide educational content, and illustrate the scale and versatility of MCEC’s spaces, while Pinterest will work valuable visual tool to promote creative collaboration and showcase the creativity of MCEC’s events and exhibitions.

A screenshot from MCEC’s Tiktok page

The launch of these new channels is part of MCEC’s wider digital transformation and opportunity to showcase the venue’s unconventional event ideas and installations.

With over seven million monthly active users on both platforms in Australia, MCEC is the first Australian convention centre to launch accounts on both platforms, adding to its existing Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn accounts.

MCEC’s head of marketing, Liz Kozmevski, said that the channels will help customers with event planning ideas, and gather up-to-date information on the possibilities of hosting an event at the venue.

“Our research shows that Pinterest and TikTok are channels customers are using in the very early stages of event planning. We want to help them when they’re developing their event concepts and provide useful tips along the way”.

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