TTNQ launches Sustainable Travel Hub and toolkit

Mamu Tropical Skywalk

Corporate groups and event planners can now easily look for interactive conservation projects, immersive cultural experiences and eco-certified operators in the Tropical North Queensland Sustainable Travel Hub.

Hosted on the Tropical North Queensland destination website, the Hub will help travellers understand the value the region places on the environment and its community through resources that include blogs and a destination video.

Mamu Tropical Skywalk

Tourism Tropical North Queensland’s (TTNQ) CEO, Mark Olsen, said: “Consumers are increasingly concerned about the impact of climate change which has resulted in people travelling more thoughtfully and with more intent. There is also growing consumer interest for tourism to be more than sustainable – it should be restorative, reconciliatory and ultimately regenerative.”

Tropical North Queensland’s tourism operators are continuing to deliver eco-certified experiences in Australia and have achieved a number of milestones, such as the Douglas Shire becoming the world’s first Eco Certified Destination.

Skyrail Rainforest Cableway was also the first tourism operator in the world to achieve EarthCheck Master Certification and is one of less than 10 EarthCheck Masters on the planet, Olsen added.

“Others such as Experience Co’s Reef Unlimited and GBR Biology have pioneered the addition of Indigenous culture into a Great Barrier Reef experience by working with local Traditional Owners to include their knowledge in cultural presentations and reef stewardship activities.”

In addition to the launch, TTNQ is also bringing the tourism industry onboard by launching a Pathway to Sustainable Tourism Toolkit to help operators adopt sustainable business practices, measure their footprint, and plan their journey forward for the greater good.

The toolkit outlines certification programs, community initiatives to partner with including Rainforest Rescue and Green Caffeen and discusses TTNQ’s sustainability journey which includes working with Reforest to offset events.

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