Corporate Games to kick off on Okinawa’s beaches

DELEGATES from a wide range of companies will gird their loins and charge into battle on the sandy beaches of Okinawa come 2015, when the prefecture hosts the first-ever Okinawa Corporate Games.

Corporate Games, a multi-sport festival open to all types and sizes of companies, is scheduled for March 5 to 8, 2015.

Tony Sakuda, general manager of Naha-based Okinawa Tourist Service, the travel agency that brought in the concept, explained that participating teams could comprise of people from each branch of a company and team size would differ from game to game.

“This promotes teambuilding, strengthens (work) performance and gives (participants) something to look forward to next year. It also builds loyalty to their own company.”

“The Games would attract people to see what Okinawa has to offer and hopefully that translates into corporate incentive demand,” he added.

The event will feature 15 sporting categories, including dragon boating, beach soccer and open water swimming, all facilitated by Okinawa Tourist Service.

“We’re using what Okinawa has – beaches,” commented Sakuda.

Besides that, Corporate Games will also include in its programme a Grand Parade, Great Games Party and Closing Awards Celebration to enhance the overall experience.

The first Corporate Games was held in San Francisco in 1988 and has since been exported around the world. In Asia, Malaysia hosted a World Corporate Games in 1993 and India ran the Delhi Corporate Games in November 2013.

Major multinational companies that have participated in previous editions of Corporate Games include Shell, IBM, Vodafone and Fujitsu.

According to the official website, registration for Okinawa Corporate Games is open until February 18, 2015 and payment can be made online.

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