Inspiring Entertainment – part 1

From a dramatic dance with water to comedic singing sommeliers, here are some of the most fascinating entertainment ideas for business events.

Digital Water Curtain

With a stunning curtain of water cascading from the ceiling, this act can be synchronised with elegant dancers, a solo aerial dancer within the waterfall, or a vocalist or musician in tune with the flowing droplets. The Digital Water Curtain combines digital and water effects, and can be featured as an installation piece, or as part of a bespoke performance.

Digital Water Curtain

What’s unique:
The performance is dramatic and injects an element of surprise into the event experience.
Great for: Opening/closing ceremony, gala dinner, VIP product launch
Contact: Wildfire Entertainment, Singapore;

Dressed in vibrant kimono and obi belts, the Geisha Dance Troupe incorporates traditional Japanese and modern dance, as well as everything in between. The act transitions seamlessly from traditional moves accompanied by shamisen and taiko drums to contemporary steps driven by bass, pop and dance hits. The robotic routine of pop animation dance fuses ancient and futuristic Japan, as well as essences of the country’s manga culture.

Geisha Troupe (Photo courtesy of Scarlett Entertainment)

What’s unique:
The act leaves the audience in constant wonder and surprise about the moves that will come next. The audience can experience not only Japan’s rich cultural heritage but also its balance of old and new. Interactions with the audience through humour are also engaging.
Great for: Opening ceremonies, awards dinners, high-end product launches
Contact: Scarlett Entertainment;

Japanese light painter Jinpei uses his original technique of swooping arcs of light on a wall-sized canvas in complete darkness to create “paintings.” From the “brushstroke” of each light, figures, landscapes and even symbolic imagery is layered on the canvas. The result is a living picture; one light fades and another is created, leaving the audience in a waking dream world. The technique is soon to mark 30 years of popularity, having been developed in 1989.

Light Painting (Photo courtesy of Scarlett Entertainment)

What’s unique:
This form of painting inspires creativity in the audience as well as a sense of serenity and thoughtfulness.
Great for: Opening ceremony, awards dinner, high-end product launch
Contact: Scarlett Entertainment;

Grand Opera Thailand was established in 2011 by British operatic impresario, Stefan Sanchez, who has been grooming Thailand’s young opera singers and launching them on international careers. The professional opera company has under its wings several groups and individual singers, allowing event planners to pick the one best suited for their event.

Grand Opera Thailand Oriental Residence

What’s unique:
Grand Opera Thailand’s portfolio of performers is versatile. For a memorable experience, surprise delegates with a flashmob performance at an off-property dining venue.
Great for: Gala dinner, cocktail reception, networking party
Contact: PIGS Co, Thailand;

Put a smile on delegates’ faces with this upbeat and comedic performance. Combining oriental martial arts and acrobatics, JUMP is an original production featuring taekwondo, taekgyeon and other high-energy stunts. The story begins as a family scrambles to clean up their home and train under their grandfather, an old-school martial arts trainer. He introduces a mysterious young man into his home, and this sets the family into a series of hilarious and clumsy antics.


What’s unique:
With its action-packed sequences, JUMP injects good-spirited comic relief after a long day of meetings and activities. Delegates familiar with modern Korean drama series may appreciate its references to family soap operas, while other attendees can still roll with the punches and punch lines.
Great for: Incentive programme, team bonding, gala dinner
Contact: Yegam Inc, South Korea;

A spectacular fusion of technology, dance and Chinese culture, the LED Monkey King performance commands audiences’ attention with electrifying glow-in-the-dark costumes, precision beats and an amazing choreography.

LED Monkey King

What’s unique:
As a beautiful amalgamation of western pop-culture’s Tron: Legacy  and eastern classic, LED Monkey King is a glowing sight to behold.
Great for: Opening/closing ceremony, gala dinner, as a roving act for delegate interaction
Contact: @Dance, Hong Kong;

Arriving guests are directed into a dimly lit area where a female dressed in an elegant lycra costume sits above head height, beckoning guests as they approach. With anticipation in the room heightened from the dramatic first encounter, the lights are dimmed further as patrons fill up the main space, which features high cocktail tables.
Spotlights then reveal the lycra-clad lady as an aerial hoop performer striking an acrobatic pose and then dropping head first to serve champagne. Described as “a bar except the service is upside down,” a host will also be on hand to ensure a smooth service.


What’s unique:
Few acts command as much attention and intrigue especially at a welcome event. It’s also very social-media worthy, and a unique talking point that adds glam factor to a corporate function.
Great for: Welcome event, networking party, gala event, conference dinner, awards event, post-dinner before an event swings into party mode
Contact: Musicland, Australia;

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