Ent-Vision harnesses AI to improve buyer-seller connections at tradeshows

Find the perfect match with the help of AI

Singapore-based Ent-Vision is piloting a master data platform that seeks to facilitate right connections between tradeshow visitors and exhibitors.

Ent-vision’s platform uses a combination of search technology, natural language processing and machine learning algorithms, as well as attendee data which is collected, filtered and standardised into a set of information.

Find the perfect tradeshow match with the help of AI

Tan Kim Heng, director, Ent-Vision, explained that from there, artificial intelligence (AI) can profile trade visitors, recommend the most relevant booths, and propose business matching, which in turn improves the event experience for both exhibitors and visitors. AI can also provide a tangible map of an event participants’ journey at a tradeshow, thereby allowing the organiser to view the data to improve future shows.

Tan added that the platform is compatible with various event technology sources with an open API.

Citing Cvent as an example, Tan explained that Ent-Vision’s master data platform can work with the event registration solution to provide event organisers with business matching and profiling capability. However, he cautioned that training is needed for every AI solution, and this would take time.

“The longer the platform is used, the better trained the AI will be, as it has been fed with all available pieces of information. Information can be gathered by the event organiser, or gathered from public domains such as job sites,” he elaborated.

The master data platform has just completed a pilot test with a company in Singapore, with one more scheduled for 2020.

Looking ahead, Tan envisions expanding the product to Indonesia where it can absorb content in Bahasa Indonesia. There are also future plans to integrate more multilingual content such as Chinese, Korean and Japanese.

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