HRS debuts product to improve travellers’ hotel payment process

HRS announces Invisible Pay Platform, a two-click payment solution for business travellers

Hotel and travel technology provider, HRS, has launched Invisible Pay, a new corporate hotel payment platform that promises to simplify travellers’ hotel payment process through automation.

The solution leverages HRS’ proprietary hotel management platform to combine innovative check-in/out payment technology with the company’s proven solutions.

HRS announces Invisible Pay Platform, a two-click payment solution for business travellers

It is built to accommodate the data requirements of both corporate accounting departments and hotels, speeding up payments and securing financial data with 98 per cent acceptance.

What this means for the traveller is lesser time spent in the check-out line and reduced expense report effort, thanks to the fully itemised digital receipt data that will be uploaded into the corporate expense system.

For the employer, the account department stands to benefit from improved invoice accuracy, while travel managers will see reduced rogue bookings and increased usage of preferred hotels.

Hotels will gain from secure data processes that minimise engagement for their finance departments.

“As we’ve piloted with integrated hotel payment solutions around the world in recent years, the programme compliance metrics are clear,” said HRS CEO Tobias Ragge. “When our clients use our payment solutions, we’ve seen hotel compliance rise by 23 per cent on average. The downstream savings – both in room rate and more seamless expense processing – increasingly drive CFOs to deploy across oceans and maximise the incremental savings.”

Invisible Pay is said to address the industry’s longstanding challenge – high levels of out-of-policy spend and insufficient use of preferred hotels. According to a GBTA research released in July 2019, 88 per cent of business travellers surveyed said if their company offered central or direct payment with a hotel, they would book that property over one that does not offer this method.

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